• Mainframe

    Bit Crusher

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  • Pitch Fork®+

    Polyphonic Pitch Shifter / Harmony Pedal

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  • 1440

    Stereo Looper

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  • Cntl Knob

    Static Expression Pedal

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  • Oceans 12

    Dual-Stereo Reverb

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  • EHX Bluetooth® Earbuds & Headphones

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  • Ram's Head Big Muff

    Faithful Re-creation

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  • Triple Foot Controller

    Remote Footswitch

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  • Dirt Road Special

    40W Combo Amp

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  • Superior Tubes

    World's Best Vacuum Tubes

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  • Defining Tone

    Effects + Inspiration

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Electro-Harmonix & New Sensor Corporation
Creators of the most iconic musical effects. Since 1968.

Effects Pedals

Electro-Harmonix was the first company to introduce, manufacture, and market affordable state-of-the art stomp-boxes and remains a pioneer and leading manufacturer of guitar effects pedals.

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Vacuum Tubes

Electro-Harmonix owns 100% of the largest remaining vacuum factory in the world. Because of our tradition of supplying the highest quality tubes, we are proud that our ouput is the very best in the world for upgrade and replacement.

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Pro Audio Parts

From speakers to batteries to transformers and many other components, Electro-Harmonix offers a full-range of electronic and pro audio parts and supplies.

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