Tung-Sol 6550

Tung-Sol 6550
Tung-Sol 6550
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Item6550 TUNGSOL
Attention All EHX Tube Customers

We are continuing to accept new orders and process backorders, subject to our new price list and with priority given to the oldest orders.

For all non-US customers with combined Russian tube orders of $4,500 or more, consider having our Russian warehouse directly ship such orders to you.

Please contact your EHX Sales Representative for details.

Premium high-power Octal Beam Tetrode, among the finest in current production. Copy of the original Type 3 triple getter version popular in the 1960's. Powerful, balanced and detailed soundstage.

•Gold-plated grid & carbonized screen help prevent grid emission and bias runaway
•Increased Plate voltage and dissipation enhances performance and reliability

See matched version: https://shop.ehx.com/item/6550%20TUNGSOL%20PL

Tube Specs: http://shop.ehx.com/catalog/tubes-specs/6550%20TS.pdf

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